How to become an RBT?

To become a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT), you will need to complete the following steps:

  • 40-Hour RBT Course: Successfully complete a 40-hour training program that covers the RBT Task List. This training provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills in applied behavior analysis (ABA).

  • Background Check: Undergo a criminal background check to ensure the safety and security of vulnerable populations you may work with.

  • Competency Assessment: Under the supervision of a certified behavior analyst, undergo a competency assessment to demonstrate your practical skills and application of ABA principles.

  • RBT Exam: Take and pass the RBT exam administered by Pearson. This exam evaluates your understanding of ABA principles and practices.

Once you have completed all these requirements and passed the RBT exam, you will be officially certified as a Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) and ready to provide valuable support and assistance in the field of behavior analysis.

At SQ1, we are committed to advancing your career by providing a comprehensive 40-hour fully online course designed to fulfill the training requirement for the RBT credential. Our online course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills in applied behavior analysis (ABA) from the convenience of your own home.

To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, we also offer a 3-hour live training/study guide. During this interactive session, you will gain valuable hands-on experience working with one of our certified analysts. This practical component enhances your understanding and application of ABA principles, further preparing you for success in your RBT journey.

With SQ1’s expert training and support, you can confidently take the next step in your career as a Registered Behavioral Technician. Contact us now to enroll in our online course and elevate your professional path in the field of behavior analysis.

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-Includes 3 hrs live training/class       

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