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    We proud to announce that we have extended our services to Naples, Florida.

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    We provide ABA Therapy in the home, center, school and community based on your child’s needs. A behavioral assessment will be completed by one of our BCBA and skills will be created to improve your kids quality of life.

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    We offer a diverse range of programs designed to cater to the specific requirements of your child.

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    Our goal is to enhance the socially significant behaviors in your child's life, ultimately improving their overall quality of life.

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Our Mission

At Square One Behavioral Services (SQ1), we wholeheartedly embrace the well-being and success of every child we serve. We firmly believe in nurturing the unique capabilities of each child, and thus, we meticulously design individualized treatment plans to help them achieve significant milestones. Our heartfelt mission revolves around improving socially significant behaviors in your child’s life and enhancing their overall quality of life.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the child; we extend our care and support to the entire family. Ensuring that we foster exceptional relationships with parents is at the core of our approach. Love, compassion, and unwavering dedication are the tender qualities that define us as a caring team, united in our efforts to create a brighter future for each and every child.

Leida Alarcon Owner of Square One Behavioral Services
What is ABA - Square One Behavioral Services


At SQ1, our treatment approach centers around the utilization of scientifically proven evidence-based practices and principles derived from applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our dedicated team collaborates closely with you to establish and attain specific goals that hold significance for your child. We specialize in delivering ABA Therapy in various settings, including the home, center, community, and school, with the primary objective of reducing problem behavior and promoting socially appropriate behaviors.

Our focus is on enhancing a wide range of target skills, such as communication skills, independent living skills, motor skills, labeling, play, and social skills, among others. By utilizing ABA techniques, we strive to empower your child with the necessary tools to navigate life more effectively and achieve personal growth and development. Through our evidence-based approach, we are committed to supporting your child’s progress and fostering positive outcomes for their overall well-being.


What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapeutic approach that revolves around utilizing behavior principles and strategies to enhance social, communication, and learning skills. While it is commonly associated with helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ABA therapy can be beneficial in addressing a wide range of developmental and behavioral challenges in various individuals. Its evidence-based methods aim to promote positive behavior changes and improve overall functioning and quality of life.

ABA in the home  & community

Our personalized interventions, delivered in the comfort of your home and community, are tailored to your child’s needs. Our expert BCBA conducts a thorough assessment, paving the way for positive behavior changes and skill development, enhancing your child’s quality of life. Empower your child to thrive and seize opportunities with SQ1’s exceptional ABA therapy. Contact us now for a brighter future!

ABA in the school

Empower your child’s education with SQ1’s ABA therapy in the school setting. We address interfering behaviors, enhance social skills, and promote classroom-appropriate interactions. Our dedicated BCBA collaborates with school staff to ensure effective interventions and increased student progress. Elevate your child’s academic journey with SQ1’s expert support. Contact us for a brighter future in the classroom!

ABA Therapy Square One Behavioral Services

Do you have questions?

If you need autism help for your child we serve our Autism Services and Children Services in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Coral Spring, Pompano Beach, South Florida and surrounding areas, including Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We also provide in home services if it is hard for you to come to our office.

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