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How to start ABA therapy services for your child

1) Contact your physician: The first steps is to get a diagnosis you may contact a neurologist, pediatric, or psychiatrist to get a full evaluation of your child and the proper diagnosis.

2) Check your insurance policy: Make sure your insurance is coverage for ABA services and locate providers in your area. Your insurance provider should be able to provide you a list of Behavior Analyst or companies that provide ABA therapist in your area.

3) Contact us: At this point you should have a diagnosis and information about your insurance coverage. Contact us and we can help with the rest of the process to start your child improving their quality of life. You may also go on to “Request Services” on our website at sq1behavioral.com to start the process.

4)Start services: A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will contact you on how to schedule the initial Assessment and paper work.

Ready! Let’s help your child together!

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